Our patients’ stories

Let some of our patients tell you their story.

One of our patients, who had a stroke when she was 16, said:

There is something truly special about the Bobath Centre and everything that they do.

Having left rehab 13 years ago and experiencing physiotherapy in numerous places with many different therapists I can honestly say that after visiting the Bobath Centre, it is the only time that I walk out feeling physically improved and with a sense of hope for the future. Thank you!


Another patient said:

 I was diagnosed in January 2000 with Dystonia spasmodic torticollis, those of you who suffer similar will know the discomfort and pain it causes. Apart from having medication and Botulinum injections on a regular basis, I was told there was not much else that would help, including physiotherapy.  I agreed with this until I found the Bobath Centre.

The treatment I received helped ease my pain, regained movement to my neck and, most of all, my confidence, which has helped immensely with quality of life. People who advised me against physio have been amazed with the results of the Bobath Centre.