How we can help you

Our neurophysiotherapy can help you re-establish the physical skills needed for active participation in everyday life, regardless of your age or how long you have had the disability.

Helping you-handsOur highly skilled neurological physiotherapy team have many years of experience treating a wide variety of neurological conditions. The team is led by Christine Barber, Bobath tutor and therapist, who is internationally recognised as a leading expert in cerebral palsy in adult life.

We specialise in treatment for people with:

  • acquired neurological conditions such as stroke or head injury, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury (incomplete) and Parkinson’s.
  • neuro-developmental conditions, such as cerebral palsy.

During treatment, we:

  • work with you to improve your ability to function in everyday life.
  • analyse what is limiting your activity in different situations  and provide appropriate therapy.
  • advise you on home activities.
  • help to minimise the potential secondary effects of your condition.
  • work with you to show you ways to better manage your condition.
  • advise on equipment that may be of assistance to you.
  • recommend ways in which you can improve or maintain your fitness.

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