Consultation appointment

A consultation is an appointment of approximately 90 minutes in which we focus on:

  • your current needs and specific aspects of treatment, and
  • giving you advice on therapeutic management of your condition.

During the consultation we may use equipment that enhances your activity, but the focus of a consultation is on therapy and not directly to address equipment needs.

After your consultation

Following your consultation we will send you a report which usually includes suggestions for home activities. We will copy the report to your doctor and local therapist, if appropriate. If your local NHS has funded the consultation, they may also request a copy of the report.

Options for further therapy

After an initial consultation appointment, there are various options for further therapy.

  • a course of therapy may be offered
  • regular treatment sessions may be offered if you live within easy reach of the Bobath Centre
  • daily therapy is available on a short-term basis for those who live further away

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