10-session course of Bobath therapy

A course of therapy usually consists of 10-sessions of assessment and treatment in which the therapy is provided by a Bobath physiotherapist.

The physiotherapy will be on an individual basis with each treatment session lasting at least 45 minutes.

The 10-session course may be taken over an intensive 2-week period, one session a day, Monday to Friday. Alternatively, if you live within easy commuting distance of the Bobath Centre you might take your sessions over a longer period, for example twice a week over a 5-week period.


During the first appointment our therapist will spend time getting to know you. They will ask many questions about what you can do, what you find difficult, and about the things that you would like to be able to do. Our therapist will document their findings during this detailed assessment of your condition.

 Identifying goals

We may also use some specific standardised assessments and outcome measures to look at some areas in more detail. If you are in agreement we may also take some video of how you move. We will identify goals with you, which will provide a focus for therapy and will be evaluated by the end of the therapy block.


Therapy sessions will involve a variety of activities, some of which will be considered useful to be continued at home to enhance and progress new functional skills. These will be demonstrated to and there will be an opportunity for you to try these out under the guidance of the therapist until you feel confident to continue.

After therapy

Following your course of treatment, we will send you a report including suggestions for home activities. We will also send a copy to your doctor. If your local NHS has funded the course of treatment, they may also request a copy of the report.

After a course of therapy, there are various options for further therapy.

  • a follow-up course of therapy may be offered;
  • regular treatment sessions may be offered to people who live within easy reach of the Bobath Centre;
  • daily therapy may be offered on a short-term basis for those who live further away.

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